Are you feeling burnt Out?
Dr. Kimberly Wilson


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Inquire about Dr. Kimberly speaking as a keynote speaker, retreat, featured speaker, panel, or summit, podcast, radio, television, or social media live.

Build your company’s mental resilience and reduce burnout by hiring a seasoned and talented professional using one of our signature talks, workshops, facilitation, or consulting services.

Here’s the difference in how we show up…

Speaking engagements

They are designed to inspire action, motivation, and innovation. We support your organization with a Signature Session that may include a question and answer period. Participants are invited to connect for one-on-one or team support to get deeper transformations.

Topics covered address


This provides more in-depth support. We lead and guide your organization through discussions, interactive exercises, targeted questions, and brief leadership inventories to create a specific transformation. This support is often used when organizations reach a stalemate or are conflicted about the most beneficial way to move forward. Organizations often choose this option to develop their teams further and create mental resilience, innovation, and cooperation.

Successful facilitation sessions begin with surveys, assessments, and analysis of dynamics within the organization. We work closely with the leadership and stakeholders to discover your challenges and strengths. This is a process. 
The assessment phase begins anywhere from 30 days to six months prior, depending upon the complexity of support and organizational structure. The actual facilitation work occurs over a full-day or multiple day sessions.


This is a process that seeks to cultivate widespread systemic change throughout organizations. We specialize in organizational restructuring, leadership development, and team building. This process may entail leadership inventories, organizational surveys, satisfaction surveys, initial assessment reports, and strategic planning.

Organizational mechanisms are examined across and between the business. This process may entail multiple professionals such as: information technology, accounting, human resources, organizational psychologists, executive coaches, diversity equity and inclusion experts. Transformation occurs over months to a year. This is the highest level of support.

Healthy workplaces measure success through its ability to engage and develop a diverse workforce. Their people are inspired to innovate and act at every level.