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Dr. Kimberly Wilson

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Dr. Kimberly Wilson, LMFT is the go-to-expert to facilitate mission driven change within organizations in the financial services, healthcare, military, public service, and technology to transform their workplace culture.  She specializes in helping women in all leadership capacities address burnout, boundaries, and people pleasing.

She’s an organizational consultant, trainer, author, retired Marine, international psychologist, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and an executive coach.

Education and Training

Dr. Kimberly Wilson, LMFT has a doctorate in International Organizational Psychology, a Master’s degree in psychology with an emphasis in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling, and a Bachelors in Psychology.

She retired from the Marine Corps with an Honorable Discharge and many personal and organizational commendations. She’s an Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield veteran.

My Mission

Cure 5500 women of burnout and transform 100 organizations to develop healthier workplace cultures in honor of her grandmother’s legacy. 

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Why She’s Driven to Serve

After retiring from the Marine Corps and then leading mental health teams; she discovered that lines were blurred between her work and home life. She was caring for her infants and providing guidance to a team of staff at the same time. Her days became an endless cycle of putting out fires at home and work. She struggled with feeling that there wasn’t enough time in the day and that frankly maybe she wasn’t enough to get it all done. During the pandemic, she experienced another level of burnout. There was an increased demand for mental health and coaching services which placed stressors on women’s finances, relationships, parenting, time management, and careers. She deepened her commitment for self-transformation and created Cure Your Burnout TM.

Dr. Kimberly was able to meet organizational goals and take care of her family, however, there was no joy.  She was meeting all the metrics of success, yet secretly wondering how much longer could she endure at this pace?  After crying in her car between meetings once again, a thread to the solution emerged.  She left her car and began to test and revise her initial thoughts. She created sustainable strategies to be present in her life.

Dr. Kimberly now shares these strategies with other high-achieving women through her Signature program Eternal Flame.  She assists women to honor their needs, balance their energies, and accomplish more with less effort.

Dr. Kimberly coaches clients through a deep understanding and time-tested experience of supporting women in relationships, organizational dynamics, families, psychology, and leadership challenges.  This experiential and academic understanding minimizes the risk of just spinning your wheels without results.  If you need more than coaching, she’s been trained to ensure that you get the level of mental health support that you need.

Dr. Kimberly Wilson received her doctorate in International Psychology – a research degree. This unique perspective positions her to guide leaders on cultural differences, the interconnectivity of global systems, and to excel within multinational organizations. She is an author, coach, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for over 20+ years, and an international psychologist. She is the mother of two teenagers and is a native Detroiter that has transplanted to Fort Mill, SC.

It’s not selfish to say no to toxic cycles of behavior. Doing so allows you to create new possibilities.

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